C21 Victoria is all about staying ahead of the curve, especially and most importantly for the realm of real estate.

A while back, our creator Sarah Love was fairly into real estate and all its facets. She has a passion about all things real estate that all people related to the field must share. This includes real estate agents and prospective buyers as well.

Unfortunately, she found that her colleagues and her clients did not share her same enthusiasm. Thus, her colleagues were often wondering why they couldn’t hit their targets. What was missing?

In similar fashion, prospective buyers that approached Sarah had little to no knowledge regarding all things in real estate. This was a problem for her as she had to take more time to explain everything important. Despite that being her job and her explaining things well, some of her clients missed the point still.

Thus, Sarah set out to build the C21 Victoria website and organization. The main goal of the website was to have a portal that houses all useful pieces of information for those who work in the real estate industry or are looking to buy properties.

When the C21 Victoria team was put together, we instantly got to work researching the latest trends and developments for the real estate industry.

People somehow think that real estate is just about houses and pieces of land. However,technology is catching up and it is affecting agents and buyers for the better.

Apart from that we offer tips for agents and buyers, as well as potential listings that people might be interested in.