At Century21 we pride ourselves in our up to date real-time data on what’s trending in real estate across Canada. In this article we will discuss a few staff favorite markets across this great country.

Surprisingly throughout 2019 we witnessed many markets across Canada either stagnant or in some cases, slower real estate markets. However with that said there were a few exceptions.

Let’s get right in to it then…

We all know about how lucrative the province of Alberta has been at least within the energy sector, but did you also know that, after nearly a decade of declining interest, the real estate market of Calgary has begun to show spark?

Population wise, Calgary has been growing quite rapidly and currently sits around 1.4 million making it the 3rd largest metro in Canada. Midway through 2019 Calgary realtors began to notice a shift from declining numbers to more and more interest. Especially when it came to acreages for sale near Calgary. Buyers were beginning to take keen interests towards larger sections of land given the prices were still affordable enough especially if they’d sold property in the higher, housing bubbles of Vancouver, Victoria or Toronto.

With the area growing at a steady pace, there are up and coming neighborhoods that demand more attention than others.


Inglewood is one such neighborhood where 3600 residents call home. Did you know that Inglewood is actually the oldest most well-known neighborhood in all of Calgary? Yes it is. It was established in the late 1800s when the city was known as Fort Calgary. Homes for sale in Inglewood run on average anywhere between $435,000 up to $550,000 depending on your needs.

Then there is Seton. This is an incredible urban lifestyle with plenty of amenities including an expansive retail/commercial district where you can find anything your little heart desires. Although you can find plenty of detached homes for sale in Seton, the area is more commonly known for its large inventory of condos, apartments and townhomes.


Also at the top of the most popular areas is Auburn Bay, Lake Bonavista, Cranston and McKenzie Towne. But let’s face it, the bottomline is that the Calgary real estate market is finally on the rise and the future looks bright for 2020 to show much of the same.

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